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Co-founder. The functional guy.

🌐 Paris - Brussels - Bayonne

Speaks French, English & Spanish

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Co-founder. The technical guy.

🌐 Bordeaux - Lisbon

Speaks French, English & Rust

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What is our secret?

Ask the Dilla founders for advices. We will tell you everything and help you improve your design system implementation.

We audit your design system and tell you if it fit in Dilla, and how you can improve it.

Your design system is dilla-able?

Congratulation, let's feed the the pipeline and geneate those tiny universal package.

Setup cost and monthly maintenannce cost, different rate for public and private.

Do you want more?

If you don’t already have a design system, or you want us to be take care of . Our designers + engineers teams are available.

Our powerful WebAssemby pipleine is also available for other cloud and edge builds.