Security & privacy

We have strong commitment on security and privacy at every level.


You are an anonymous visitor of

  • ✅ is hosted in France and follows French and European Union regulations.
  • ✅ No personal data is recolted except by the contact form.
  • ✅ is a read-only website. No personal data is stored.
  • ✅ No browsers cookies
Owning a design system

You are a client and Dilla is packaging your design system and publising it on

  • ✅ Dilla has only read-only acccess to your upstream repository.
  • ✅ The Dilla codebase is open source licensed, to secure your technological independence.
  • ✅ The builds are reproductible and signed (*). They can act as part of a chain of trust.
  • ✅ We run OWASP security audits. (*)
Using a design system

You are an user of a design system packaged with Dilla.

  • ✅ Thanks to WebAssembly, each Dilla package executes within a read-only sandboxed environment.
  • ✅ Nothing is executed on, no data is sent to Dilla.
  • ✅ The rendering process is escaped by default. .
  • ✅ The rendering results is as safe as the input it takes.

(*): Not ready yet